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Quickshot I

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The Quickshot I (SV1) was a joystick made by Spectravideo.

Manufacturer's Description

  • Deluxe positive response fire button
  • Contour grip design
  • Conventional Firing button
  • Extra long 4 feet cord
  • Rubber suction cup footing for stable one-hand operation
  • Contour groove for sure grip


"Good sturdy construction and comfortable grip. The stick scores best on shoot-'em-up type games where the shaft-mounted button is a real bonus."

"The Spectravideo Quickshot is, I think, a toy; but it's still a good joystick."

"The Quickshot I is the granddaddy of the Spectravideo Quickshot range. This joystick is a few years old and shows its age somewhat,

It uses the pressure pad system for control which tends to lose its feel after heavy use."