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Gravis GamePad

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The Gamepad was a joypad made by Gravis, which featured a D-pad (with screw-in joystick option) and four action buttons. Versions were made for Home Computers, PC, and Mac,

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"Hurrah! This one doesn't claim to have any kind of ergonomic design. That’s because it’s a joy pad, and it’s flat. The GamePad offers two styles of control - flatpad and screw-in joystick handle. Also, there is a switch which enables you to use the unit for either the right or left hand.

There are four brightly coloured fire buttons, two which can he set in up or down mode, or in turbo-fire. Quite a nice set-up, though I'm not convinced about the lifespan of the screw-in plastic stick."

  • Steve Bradley
  • Amiga Format
  • August 1993


  • Gravis GamePad
  • Gravis PC GamePad
  • Gravis Mac Gamepad