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A2D Model 2001

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The A2D Model 2001 (A follow up to the A2D Model 1002) was an analogue joystick with two fire buttons.[1]

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"All in all, our game playing panelists were very enthusiastic about the Kraft Joystick. Although the pushbuttons provide no tactile or aural feedback, this lack is more than compensated for by the excellent features of the joystick: a tight knob, external trim adjustments and selectable operating mode (self-centering or free). The joystick is best suited for operation on a table top or in one's lap; there is no convenient way to hold it comfortably in one hand and operate the pushbuttons as well as the stick. Bottom line: highly recommended."
  • David Ahl
  • Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games
  • Spring 1983


  1. David Ahl, Vol 1 No. 1, Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games, Spring 1983