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Cheetah 125

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The Cheetah 125 was a joystick produced by Cheetah in 1986[1]. It featured a contoured directional stick, four fire-buttons (including a trigger) and an autofire function. It was superceded by the Cheetah 125+.

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Manufacturer's Description

Compatible with ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k, Commodore 64, Vic 20, Amstrad, Atari, MSX etc

At only £8.95 the features on the 125 are second to none. Besides the unique internal structure built to withstand immense punishment from even the most vigorous games player, the joystick contains no less than four extremely sensitive fire buttons. Two are housed in the handgrip which has been moulded for extra comfort and ease of operation. The trigger finger fire button provides ease and comfort for your finger and the top fire button is contoured to fit your thumb for sure fire shooting. The base fire buttons are positioned for extra control and two hand firing whether you are right or left handed

A built-in auto fire switch provides continuous shooting at the touch of a fire button.




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