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Competition Pro Extra

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A version of the Competition Pro 5000, with microswitches instead of leaf-switches in the fire buttons. A modern USB version is made for modern computers by SpeedLink.


"Handling the joystick is easy and simple. It fits neatly between both hands, but may take some time until you become accustomed, and eventually comfortable with it... It's a sure winner"

"...it looks unbreakable with its solid ’frosted’ plastic casing and robust steel shaft from the Kojak lollipop school, Nutts [Andy Nuttall] has had one since 1985, and it’s still unscathed. The new versions are stiff at first, with not much play in the stick, but this wears in after a few weeks’ play ... The Extra model boasts microswitches all round, and an autofire switch to boot. Excellent."