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The Cruiser was a joystick launched by Powerplay in 1986. It featured a microswitched directional controller and two micro switched fire buttons.The joystick also had the ability to alter the resistance of the control stick.


  • Black
  • Blue body, red shaft, white buttons
  • Green body, pink shaft, yellow buttons, blue torque controller
  • Transparent body, black shaft and buttons
  • Black body, red buttons (with autofire)


"The Cruiser has long been a favourite of mine... a special twist lock at its base ... offers three different resistances: loose, medium and stiff. This is probably the stick's best feature allowing you to alter the resistance to suit the type of game you're playing... There are also four suction cups at the base of the stick to help affix it to your table-top if you should so require . Two microswitch fire-buttons and directional control provide the

icing on the cake ." 4/5