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Gravis Switch Joystick

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Manufacturer's Description

  • Full size, foam-padded pistol grip handle with built-in fire button.
  • Adjustable handle tension with 8 settings for range of movement and tension
  • Rotary selectors allow you to independently select the function of each of the 3 microswitch fire buttons. Each ultra-fast fire button has positive feel and 'click'
  • True full 360° patented flat gimbal system gives the joystick a stable and responsive 8 position feel
  • Constructed of the highest quality materials and electronics available for unequalled durability and precision
  • Extra long 6-foot cable
  • Comprehensive instruction manual and warranty inside


"A little too big to hold in the hand, this table-top joystick certainly offers a multitude of features The first thing to notice is the foam-padded pistol grip with built-in firebutton. As well as

feeling incredibly comfortable, it also offers a firm grip and moulds itself to your hand. The stick comes with e very sophisticated tension adjustment system. This allows the user to set the amount of tension or resistance provided by the joystick handle. Ten settings, which range from loose to stiff, ensure that there will be at least one settmg which suits your playing style" 5/5

"If you're looking for a multi-purpose, multi-functional joystick then this may be ideal. Tastefully coloured in black and ruby red and with gold trimming, the Switch Joystick is packed with features. The padded handle has a 10 setting tension adjuster ranging from soft to stiff, making it suitable for both fast platformers and flight sims (as well as many others), There are three fire buttons, each with normal, turbo fire, forward and backward functions. It's quite pricey, but very nice."
  • Steve Bradley
  • Amiga Format
  • August 1993


  1. Atari ST Review, May 1992