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KTRL CD32 gamepad

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Manufacturer's Description

The KTRL CD32 gamepad is designed for the Amiga CD32 but it will also work on other Amiga computers. The gamepad might work as a one button gamepad on other machines using the Atari joystick interface, including the Commodore 641. The action buttons and [up] can be freely mapped between each other, they can also be set up for turbo fire. This means that you can map the jump function from [up] to an action button or you can rearrange the action buttons as you see fit. You can also copy the functionality of one button to two (or more) buttons. As an example: mapping the red action button to the right trigger will allow you to press either the red button or the right trigger for the same function. If you then set up turbo fire for the right trigger, the red button will behave normally and the right trigger will give you turbo fire for the function of the red button. The left, right and down and start buttons are not configurable.


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