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Konix Navigator

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"The idea of a joystick with a pistol grip sounds a good once, but in practiec it has some serious drawbacks. During joystick waggling games, for example, you can't get enough leverage. Still for games where precise movements are needed this is entirely adequate" 4/5

"Despite its weird design, The Navigator fits the shape of the hand almost pefectly and gives a pistol-like grip ... My only real criticism, and it's a biggie, is the awful shaft. It's just too tiny and doesn't allow the user to get a good grasp of it during play." 3/5

"Similiar to the Speedking in feel, the Navigator has an 'ergonomically' designed handle which in real terms means it looks like a dodgy my ray gun. The name sug* gests that it's designed with flight/sub/tank sims in mind, hut il can he used for many different types of games, especially as it has an autofire option. If you tike a handle you can grasp then this may be for you"


  1. Atari ST Review, May 1992