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Logitech Gamepad for Nuon

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The Logitech Gamepad for Nuon is, as you may guess from the name, a controller for the Nuon system by Logitech.

Manufacturer's Description

  • Super-accurate and responsive mini-joystick for precise 360° movement.
  • 8-way D-pad for fast action.


"The controller certainly looks great and feels like its PC brethren; The buttons and analogue stick both feel really nice. It's clear that, in terms of build quality, Logitech hasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, a controller isn't any good if it doesn't provide tight, fast, snappy response when used with the games it's intended for. When playing a game like Tempest 3000, which requires lightning-fast reflexes, you can't afford the slightest impairment. ... If you don't have precise, accurate, responsive control, your gaming experience will be frustrating and unrewarding. Those are the two words that best describe this travesty of engineering: Frustrating and Unrewarding ... If you REALLY want to try this controller, make sure you buy it from a local store with a liberal return policy. I know mine will be returned tomorrow."

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