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Quickshot II

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The Quickshot II was Spectravideo's follow-up to the original Quickshot I, it was more robust, and featured an autofire function.

Manufacturer's Description

  • Trigger Fire Button - This front fire button will fit your "trigger finger" perfectly! Let your thumb take a rest.
  • Top Fire Button - This primary shooting button curves sleekly around the top of the Quick Shot II.
  • Auto Fire Switch - Allows you to unleash a continual stream of bullets by locking the shooting mechanism.
  • New Improved Grip - Remarkably comfortable due to a completely new, ultra-erganomic design.
  • Built-in Stabilizing Suction Cups - a revolutionary feature that makes single hand video game play possible.


"A winner from top to toe. The C&VG joystick jury voted the Quickshot II the best stick to come into the office for some time."

"Even with the autofire off it does not feel very positive. As a desk mounted joystick, it works better than most with exceptionally strong suckers."


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