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Sureshot Standard

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"The hand le' s

microswitches give an excel- lent response and, coupled with the stick's self-centralis- ing system. steel shaft and pistol grip , can't be faulted. it ' s double-eight figure fits the hand well and the thing even looks the business thanks to a transparent plastic casing . On the down side , the leaf spring firebutton gives little tactile feedback and is awk- ward to press for any length of time . Cord length, at just over five feet is a bit on the small side, and the lack of an auto- fire facility is a distinct drawback. it's essentially a hand-held device as there's a lack of suction cups under- neath the base of the machine . Instead . the stick is graced with supposedly non-slip rub- ber pads wh i ch slip and slide about a tabletop like Torvill and Dean in their heyday ." 4/5