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The Bug

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The Cheetah Bug was a micro-switched joystick produced by Cheetah in 1991[1]. It featured a short stubby directional stick, two fire-buttons and an autofire function.

Manufacturer's Description

  • Ergonomically designed body for supreme comfort
  • Suitable for right or left hand
  • 2 ultra-sensitive microswitched fire buttons
  • Auto-fire function
  • 8-directional microswitched control
  • Indestructible metal shaft
  • Automatic centering
  • +2/+3 selector connector
  • Compatible with Sinclair Spectrum +2/+3, Commodore, Atari and Amstrad computers and video game systems.
The Slime Green Edition Cheetah Bug
The Slime Green Edition


The Bug was originally released in a black finish. In 1993, a Green and Red variant, the "Slime Edition" was launched, and a Chrome variant[2] was supposed to be released too, but haven't seen any evidence of it.


"...it's incredibly tiny and would be an ideal starter stick for a young child... the main failing with the stick is its abysmally short shaft which allows little or no grip and therefore, a subsequent loss of control."

"The Bug is one that takes some getting used to, but if you take a shine to it you may find you'll never pick up another joystick in earnest. Some may find the short stick too fiddly, but for me it's the most manoeuvrable of the lot."
  • Steve Bradley
  • Amiga Format
  • August 1993


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