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Video Command

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The Video Command was based on the joystick which came with Fairchild's Channel F console. You held the shaft with one hand, and used a small controller on top to control movement. In early models, fire was activated by pushing down on the joystick, but this didn't work very well, and was later replaced by separate button.[1]

Manufacturer's Description

  • The Zircon Video Command Joystick outperforms every other controller you can buy.
  • For the Atari VCS, Atari 400/800 & VIC-20 Computers
  • Works like a Jet Fighter Joystick
  • Rugged, Reliable & Lightweight
  • Fast, Positive Response
  • Comfortable to hold


"It has many of the features I look for, including a large comfortable hand grip and positive control requiring very little force."

"Design of the stick means that it is extremely lightweight and easy to use. Fire response was adequate. The only drawback is that the short knob controller may make the stick difficult to use in games where a large amount of manoeuvring is required."


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