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The ZipStik was a Micro switched joystick with square, yellow fire buttons.

Manufacturer's Description

  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the U.K.
  • Case:- High Impact ABS
  • Handle:- Steel spring self-centering system with high impact ABS moulded onto a steel shaft for extra strength
  • Actuator:- Durable long life nylon
  • Fire Buttons:- Micro Switch
  • Purpose designed microswitches for greater sensitivity, precision control and higher scores
  • Shaped case with non-slip rubber pads designed to be either hand held or table mounted action (Autofire version fitted with rubber suction cups for table mounted action)
  • Extra long lead for comfort whilst playing


"Two firebuttons

placed at either side of the unit mean that both right and left- handed players can use this, and the solid construction means the stick can put up with as much wiggling as you can possible throw at it . Even Ocean's aging Daley Thompson's Decathlon would prove no problem to a stick of this stature. The stick's long shaft and knobbly top prove invaluable in overall control and helps afford a nice. comfortable grip. Micro-switched throughout, every tug translates in a nice, tight response and an auto-fire feature provides rapid bursts or a continuous stream of bul- lets. From Speedbell to R- Type, from Project X to the Addams Family , the Z1p St1k handled all-corners About the only criticism that can be leveled at the stick IS its less than adequate lead of just over five foot. But that could be seen as JUSt nit-picking - play and enjoy" 5/5

"Very similar in style to the Competition Pro, the Zip Stick has a lot more play in the stick - so you will find it easier on your hands at first, The suction pads under the base enable you to fix it to your desk but take care because you will have a job getting it off again. The distinctive yellow fire buttons are excellent, and, um. Spangle-shaped (remember Spangles? They were really nice boiled sweets, which died out about 15 years ago)"
  • Steve Bradley
  • Amiga Format
  • August 1993